Z and H….short for outstanding….

We love nicknames…And thank goodness Zaleski and Horvath MarketCafé  has one…it’s Z and H…much easier, thank you!

I have been wanting to blog about Z and H MarketCafe on 47th Street in Kenwood for quite awhile now. I just had to find the time to head out to Kenwood from Logan Square. Wish I would have found the time earlier. It is worth the trip.

I love everything about Z and H; the market part, the café part, the friendly people part.

At the heart of the operation is a great deli with a wide variety of meats, cheeses and salads, a nice mix of good ‘ol fashioned turkey and artisan cheeses like Dunbarton Blue from Wisconsin. On the café side of things is a substantial size menu of sammies, panini and salads. If you want to get creative and make your own, they have a listing of deli meats, cheeses and yummy condiments and fun additions like curried mayo, quince paste, tomato chutney and guacamole. Tables are scattered around the store for a very comfortable feel.

Pastries are made in house, along with their bagels. Yes, they make their bagels in house. Is that crazy or what? And they are GOOD. You know how hard it is to make a good bagel, especially if that is not your main business? Hard. Do you know any good bagel shops in the city? I thought not. Now you do. Go get one.

I swear I only ate two of the sandwiches. The third was my friend, Caryn's. Really.

Breakfast is cheap, another good reason to go. I got a great sandwich with Nueske’s bacon, ham, cheese, organic eggs on a house made croissant. A breakfast sandwich made with organic eggs for $4.75? Unheard of in this city, or anywhere else for that matter! Breakfast sandwiches are served by themselves, but who needs/wants messy potatoes or whatever filler is being served that just hike up the cost of your breakfast, add calories & are hard to eat if you are on the run. I would have been perfectly full eating just the sandwich. I did have a bagel, also, but that was “all in the name of research’ and I was actually uncomfortably full after breakfast, until 3:30, seriously!

Z and H serves Metropolis coffee three ways, by brewing it, in espresso drinks or using a clover machine. What excited me, though, was the chai mate latte which was perfectly spiced, but still highlighted that signature earthy grassy mate flavor. I don’t know any other café in the city that serves a mate latte. If you do, please let me know.

Onto the market part….Z and H supports small local producers, but also has a great mix of other artisan and international products, as well as everyday necessities, including fresh produce. I was so excited to see that they carried Ayala’s  Herbal Waters. I sampled this product at the Fancy Food Show and unfortunately have never seen it carried elsewhere it the city. It is a great product, consisting solely of purified water and organic herbs and extracts. At $1.50, I think it is a steal. That’s about the same price as a bottle of Evian. Some of Ayala’s flavors are lemongrass mint vanilla, clove cardamom cinnamon, lemon verbena geranium, lavender mint. So refreshing. They’re great when you want a little bit more than a bottle of water, but don’t want sweet juices or ice teas or fizzy water. Sorry for the tangent, but here I go again.

I also bought a disk of Taza Chocolate, Salted Almond, to make hot chocolate with They are a small producer of eating and drinking chocolate in Somerville, Ma. These small types of operations are called “bean to bar”. I’ll actually get into that more, as I’ll most likely do a whole post on chocolate in the future. (Sounds like tasty research to me!) . I have always wanted to try Taza Chocolate, but haven’t seen it anywhere else in the city. I’m starting to see a pattern here. Z and H is carrying items that not many stores carry, making them very unique. They are making amazing products in house, like bagels and serving cool drinks, like chai mate lattes.

To top it all off, everyone is super friendly. That is important to me, because no matter how good a place is, if they are not friendly, I am not supporting them. Customer Service is the name of the game, especially in these economic times. Z and H measures up in this category…and all others.  Z and H is totally worth the trip. Make a day out of it. Think of it as an adventure. After all, Z and H is nothing short of ….outstanding.

Z & H MarketCafe   1126 E. 47th St.   773-538-7372

Coming Soon: Second location at 1323 E. 57th St.



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2 responses to “Z and H….short for outstanding….

  1. Jeff Gnecco

    Amen. These guys are the best of the best.

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