The unassuming muffin……

I have not been my usual self lately. I actually do not want to eat. Let me rephrase that, I want to eat, but my stomach hurts so badly, that all it can handle is boring blah food. Not so exciting to write about. And probably not a good way to entice you into reading more….but, I knew I had to write something this week. So, I figured soup. Soup can’t hurt my stomach that bad. Plus it’s so cold out, that’s all I want to eat lately. I have wanted to go back to Fritz Pastry since I first went there over six months ago. I had heard that they were now serving a limited savory menu. So to Fritz I went.  How I thought I was going to go to a pastry shop and not order pastries, I don’t know. The minute you walk in it smells so delicious and warm and cozy. I ordered the minestrone soup, but the maple glazed donuts kept taunting me & my upset stomach. “Oh what the heck” I reasoned. One little, or not so little, donut is not going to hurt me. I am a trained professional. So, I took one with me and my herbal tea, to a table and got out my camera. It seems like someone else had the same idea. There was another girl arranging her latte & cinnamon sugar donut artfully on the table, possibly documenting it for her blog. That’s ok; I figured cyberspace was big enough for the both of us & our donut pictures. My soup came. It was vegetable minestrone. While it was very good and it hit the spot, it was nothing to blog about. So, time to eat that donut. I took a bite. It was good. How could a donut really be bad? It’s fried dough & sugar. But that was exactly its downfall. It just tasted too fried to me. My stomach was not going to be happy if I finished the whole thing. I was batting zero. What the heck was I going write about?  I had a taste for sweets now, though. When that donut was taunting me up at the pastry case, I noticed the muffins. They looked good.

Donut vs. muffin, you know who was going to win that.  Since the donut was full of empty promises, I figured I would go get that unassuming muffin. Blueberry or Chocolate? That was the decision to make now. If you know me, that decision took all of two seconds….chocolate! Some people will argue that a chocolate chunk muffin is actually a cupcake. Not true. This was a muffin. And actually, now that I got a closer look, quite a beautiful muffin. Big and full of texture, browned uneven craggy top, not a smooth and fluffy cupcake appearance by any means. This was a hearty breakfast pastry, not a trendy afternoon snack. Instead of your more cupcake appropriate baking cup, this muffin was lined with regular old deli paper. That was the beauty of it, though. The simplicity. I have never seen that before, and you know how I love stuff I haven’t seen before. You are probably wondering how it tasted. It was good. It was very good. The texture was perfect (sometimes hard to get in a muffin or a scone. Scones are a whole separate post though; Rachel makes the only good ones in Chicago. But we will get to that soon enough.). Back to this beautiful muffin, poor thing was being upstaged again!  It was dense, without being heavy. Even though there were chunks of chocolate in it, it was not sweet. It was subtle. It was a workhorse. It was the perfect partner to your morning coffee…..and the perfect subject for my post.

Fritz Pastry…1408 W. Diversey…773-857-2989


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