Good vegan cupcakes…really!

I think I would drive the 75 miles to Milwaukee just to eat at Honeypie, a cute new restaurant in Bayview, the hipster neighborhood on the south side of Milwaukee. HoneyPie’s logo is a big blue pig. And boy do they love their pork here. As a total contrast, though, they can make almost any dish vegan. The craziest twist, to me, is that all their cupcakes were vegan! You know how hard it is to make vegan pastries taste good? These were some of the best cupcakes I have ever had, vegan or not. Crazy! The pumpkin cupcake was moist, flavorful; no weird textures (telltale sign of a vegan pastry). It was a very rustic looking cupcake, with the delicious cinnamon frosting spread on with a knife, instead of being piped on;  a butter cream-like frosting, with no butter. Crazy!!

Honeypie has the potential to make almost everyone happy. They are open for breakfast, lunch & dinner and have a liquor license.  We went for Saturday brunch at 2:00. I had a dish called “the failure bowl” which had roasted potatoes, brussel sprouts, scrambled eggs, cheese sauce and pork gravy. The mushrooms that were supposed to be in it, failed to show up., but I could care less. I had my pork gravy. I was happy. I asked the waitress why it was called “the failure bowl” and she said she had no idea, that the kitchen named all the dishes & always came up with crazy names. She told us that one day the special was called “Don’t You Think I’m Pretty?” I think the kitchen just loved messing with the front of the house; an example of that infamous front of the house/back of the house rivalry.

Honeypie blackboard

My friend, Andrea, had a chicken curry sandwich. It normally came with fries, but she could sub a side salad for $1 or, get this, a slice of pie, for $2. Oh yaaaaa! She went with the pie, as any sane person would do! And as any sane person would do, we took home another cupcake, a slice of apple streusel pie, and one of their homemade flaky biscuits that took two hands to hold. We had to be prepared for the hour and a half ride home. In all honesty, I actually didn’t eat again until noon the next day.

A couple other facts about Honeypie…..they make just about everything from scratch, using local ingredients whenever they can,  purchased from Growing Power and other local farms. (Growing Power is one of the amazing farms that participate in Green City Market here in Chicago.) While Milwaukee won’t go smoke free until July of 2010, Honeypie is smoke free all the time because, as they say, “smoking is gross unless it involves meat.” Hallelujah!

Honeypie is located in the Bayview neighborhood of Milwaukee at 2643 S. Kinnickkinnic Ave., 414-489-PIES and at Start planning your road trip today. And don’t you dare go without bringing me back a vegan cupcake!


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